Qur’an Grammar English: Juz 30 Nabaa’ to Infitaar

The book has been reviewed for typographical, grammatical, and formatting errors. This book is the English translation of the classic book Qur’an Darsi Tafseer, Juzz 30, Para Amma, authored by Maulana Naseem Ahmed Ghazi Muzahiri and Mufti Rashid Mahmood Raja. Mufti Rashid desired that it is a good time now for this book to be brought to the electronic media in English and make it available internationally. Therefore, we are publishing this book in four parts. This is part 1 covering Surah Naba’ through Surah Infitar. Additionally, since many tafaseer are available, we have skipped that part to keep the size small and affordable. However, we kept the word Tafseer in the name for recognition purposes.
– Size: 5×9 paperback 158 pages

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