Nahw Meer English: An English Guide to Arabic Sentences

An English Translation of Nahw Meer with Arabic in red for the student of Arabic Grammar by Meer Syed Shareef Abul Hasan Bin Mohammed Al-Jurjani (RA). Ilm un Nahw is that science that teaches us how to join Nouns, Verbs, and Particles to form a complete sentence and what the vowel of the last letter of each word should be. This science started from the time of Omar bin Al-Khattab (RA) when one of the Bedouins read part of the Ayah 3 of Surah At-Tauba with a Kasrah at the very end as rasulihi instead of Dammah as in rasuluhu. This changed the meaning from “that Allah and His prophet are free from obligations to the polytheists” to “that Allah is free from obligations to the polytheists and His prophet”. The Bedouin said if Allah dissolves his obligations to His prophet, so do I. After this incident, Omar (RA) ordered that the rules of Nahw be created. Why this book? First Meer Ali ibn Mohammed Al-Jurjani, the Author of Nahw Meer, does not need any introduction. His masterful book has been in use for centuries mostly in its original language of Persian and its Arabic and Urdu translations and it is taught in many schools in the Indian subcontinent and other parts of the world. I felt, that there is a need for a literal translation in today’s English for those of us who are more comfortable with it.
– Size: 6×9 paperback 149 pages

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