Qur’an Grammar Analysis: Surah Al-An’aam First Fifty Ayahs

This is a complete morphology and syntax analysis of the first 50 ayahs of Surah An’aam. Nahwi analysis is presented in a unique easy to understanding block diagram form from Microsoft PowerPoint and Sarf analysis with details of each word. May Allah give us hidayah and purity of intentions.
Ilm-us-sarf or word morphology is the first step in learning Classical Arabic. It is the science of word origins. The word Sarf has many meanings but as applied to Arabic grammar, is defined as changing a Root word into different forms to create an intended meaning. Ilm un Nahw is the science of sentence making and it allows you to understand the meanings of sentences in the Qur’an depending upon the usage of Nouns, Verbs, and Particles.
It is assumed here that you know Sarf and Nahw. This book gives you a very simplified analysis of Surah Al-An’aam, the first 50 ayahs. First, details of the words, and their grammatical breakdown in Arabic and English are given along with the Root words, their class, and their kinds such as Mushtaq and Jamid, and Mushtaq details as to whether they are exaggerative, superlative, comparative, and adjectives, etc.
By going through this book, you will understand how to break down a sentence, and look for nouns, verbs, particles, and conjunction of word on word and sentence on sentence.
I have tried to use terminology that is standard and in a few places. I have used my own to make it more easily understandable.
– Size: 8×10 paperback 394 pages

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