Ashrafi - Almond Coin

Ashrafi word is a translation of the  gold coins currency used in the independent state of hyderabad before merger with India, On both sides of this coin  are engravings which describe the contents of the dessert. It is usually made in yellow color.It is said that the inventer of this dessert and the poet who wrote the lines written on both sides was Nawab Mohammed Ghouse Khan Bahadur, the ruler of state of Madras in 1800s.
If you do not see the engravings with the ingredients on it, then it is not the Original design. here is what poet is saying in persian:
     Gulab wa mishk wa badam wa nabat ast            Ghalat kar dam tamam Aabe hayat ast
As the recipe evolved, today the Coin does not contain Gulab (rose water) and Mishk (another dessert fragrance).